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Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Surely you imagined what it would be like to benefit from a show made by strippers .... Now is the time for imagination to come true! Below we will leave you some parties where you can call on the services of female stripper for a party that will be talked about for days.


18 years old - Who doesn't remember the adult party. The Adult Party is definitely one of the most important events in everyone's life… Surprise .... A stripper as a guest will focus the celebration, will delight the eyes of all guests and will certainly be a party to talk about whole days. BACHELOR PARTY

A MUST! Every man dreams of a last night of bachelorhood like a book. Best friends, whiskey and stripper. ANNIVERSARY PARTY He has everything he wants and you have no idea what gift to take? Regardless of the age of the celebrant, a stripper is always a good gift, full of eroticism.

CORPORATE PARTY You want to get your partners or employees out of the monotony of workdays. Corporate parties, the company's headquarters or office, the women's striptease show adapts to the official setting in which the surprise will take place. An elegant artistic moment, erotic and full of magnetism, which will surely impress everyone present. PARTY ANIMATORS Special costumes and unique dancers! WEDDING PARTY Do you want to go out of style? If not at the wedding when? Sexy stripper will dance and steal the groom in the most unique way. HOSTESS EVENTS Beautiful girls and kept in tune with the organized event. CHRISTMAS PARTY Naughty & Nice If you've been good all year, we'll reward you with a Christmas show. Sexy Christmas will bring you the expected gift!

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